Outside of Hardy Amies
Outside of hospital
Outside of the Landmark Hotel London
Hardy Amies, No 14 Savile Row

“Ours was a complex and evolving requirement. We needed to work extremely closely with our contractor to create something beautiful from our heritage and relevant to our future. We appreciate the advice, endeavour and superb conclusion delivered by Paul and his teams.”
Tugbor Unkan - Hardy Amies Managing Director 
Decorating Services London undertook an ambitious and demanding refurbishment of the House. We brought together other respected crafts and trades people from carpenters to electricians to heating engineers to roofing specialists to traditional plasterers. Our brief was to revitalise the existing and protect the historic patina allowing the heritage to permeate and 65 years of creativity to embrace. Every year since we have undertaken new projects in keeping with the contemporary evolution of the House.
Located in a magnificent Grade 2* Listed Georgian Town house built in 1733 comprising 5 expansive floors stretching back from Savile Row to Heddon Street.

Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London

“Our Grade 1 listed buildings and College staff demand the very highest standards of delivery. Our specifications are exacting, our operational requirements detailed and finishing standards second to none. Paul and his dedicated team have over the years repeatedly delivered us a premier league service – well done and thank you”.
Glen Price – Royal College of Physicians Buildings Manager

The Regent’s Park campus comprises the award winning Grade 1 listed Lasdun Building with two tiered 100 seat auditoriums, exhibition space, museum, event and fine dining facilities, including the stunning Council Chamber and the 'jewel in the crown' Dorchester Library. This modern masterpiece is flanked by 10 Regency Terraced buildings pulsating with office, research, educational and committee activity.
The Landmark London Hotel, Marylebone Road
“We are the leading 5* luxury hotel in London because we provide excellence in all we do all the time every time….Paul, Gerry and their team define the same standards.”
Keith Price – The Landmark London Chief Engineer

One of the most popular 5* luxury hotels in London combining classic British elegance and grandeur with deluxe facilities such as the Winter Garden restaurant situated at the heart of the soaring eight-story atrium, 11 conference rooms including the 750 people Grand Ballroom, fantastic restaurants and bars, a luxurious Spa and Health club. The accommodation includes 51 Suites ranging from 70 – 160 square metres of sheer opulence.
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